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We want to see our community go on strong. We collaborate with local organizations to feed our deserving families. We work hard and long hours to make sure we reach more families every time. We even deliver foods to families that do not have transportation. If you would like to contribute please click on the below "donate" button.

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Days before any food drive, team members have to go out and purchase groceries. Due to limitations, sometimes team members have to shop for an item once a day for several weeks to fulfill the need. 

Once enough food is gathered, volunteers and team members assembles the food for Uplift's Food Drives. Every family gets the same amount of items. 

UPLIFT's Helping Hand Program

Inspired by our little niece, every year during the season of giving we go out to the ones who need us the most: the ones with out homes. In December, we give out ham and cheese sandwiches along with purified water to the homeless. This year we will add personal hygiene products to help battle COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Protective Gear Drive

We know how important it is to have protective gear against COVID-19. We love our first responders and when we heard they needed protective gears we answered! We donated $500 worth of gloves and surgical masks to our local county hospital to help them save lives.

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