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Community Care Programs

Giving Back to Those in Need


At UPLIFT, we believe in providing for our community by offering basic necessities to those who may be struggling. Our Community Care Programs aim to fill the gap for those in need of a warm meal, hygiene products, or even just a sweater.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we launched the Helping Hand Program, which ensures that essential supplies are accessible to those who are less fortunate.

At our organization, we take pride in our commitment to helping the local community. In order to do so, we have implemented a number of initiatives. These include hosting food drives to support families in need, as well as conducting drives to collect protective gear for COVID-19 to help our community's first responders.

Our mission is to spread kindness and support to those around us, and we will continue to do so with your help. If you would like to contribute and help make a difference today, please consider donating to us.

Food Pantry

Our goal is to ensure that our community thrives, which is why we partner with local organizations to provide food for families in need. We dedicate long hours to this initiative to reach as many families as possible. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by delivering food to families without transportation.


Keep Warmth

Helping Our Future Generations Stay Warm and Focused. Our goal is to ensure that all young students have access to warm clothing during the colder months so they can concentrate on their education. To achieve this, we provide sweaters to those who may be in need.


Helping Hand

Our little niece's warm heart inspired us to give back, particularly to those who are less fortunate - the homeless. We distributed ham and cheese sandwiches along with purified water to those in need. During the peak of Covid-19, we also provided personal hygiene products to aid in their protection.

Sanitizing Products

COVID-19 Protective Gear Drive

We recognize the crucial role played by protective gear in combating COVID-19. Our admiration for first responders inspired us to take action, and we are thrilled to have donated $500 worth of gloves and surgical masks to our local county hospital. Our contribution will assist them in preserving lives and keeping healthcare workers safe.

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