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Hmong Literary Summer Institute

We all know how powerful it is to know yourself. We started this program to help students build character, self-pride, self-esteem and to keep our language and culture alive! We want every student to be confident to grow and be successful adults. With this summer program designed with every student in mind we always think of innovative ways to inspire and have fun while learning. 

See What People Are Saying

"This summer program have inspired my son to want to learn more about his heritage and speak the language."

What is Being Taught


We believe every child must learn how to read and write. Being able to do so will help the student further his/her knowledge in the Hmong language and culture. 


One must know who, what, and where they came from to better understand the present. Students are taught about modern history and how the Hmong people migrated here to the U.S.A.




Who doesn't like the arts? Each student not only learn about the arts they actually create things that they can take home and be proud of. 


Leadership Skills


Students will have interactive circles where they share their feelings about subjects and 

learn how to problem solve. We want all our students to be critical thinkers. 


Career Day 

We love to inspire! We invite successful professionals to come and speak to the students 

about their career. We want students to see that there are no limits.


We are always looking for volunteers.  Come spend a few hours with the students.

*TB test and fingerprints are required to work with students.

Contact us 

All proceeds will go back into the student programs.



Tell your friends and family about us! We want to reach

as many people as we can.

Like and follow us on facebook!  The more people that like us the more we can do.

What our parents are saying:

My daughter was lost and used to cry all the time, after attending the school she is confident and prideful now.

Jill Xiong - parent 

Download application here!

After completing the application you can send it to your school EL Coordinator or directly to us at our address below.

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