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Support Our Cause

Our community have unique needs that are not met. We as a nonprofit offer programs and events to address those needs. Please help support our cause with any amount you feel worthy of giving. Many people will benefit from your generosity. All donations are tax deductible.

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Upcoming and Important Dates


UPLIFT Scholarship Deadline


UPLIFT Scholarship Winners Notified


Uplift the Human Spirit Scholarship Recipients

Jayleen Hang

Edison Senior High School

“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” 

-Gusteau, Ratatouillee 

Pachia Xiong

Luther Burbank High School

“Life is not like water. Things in like don’t necessarily flow over the shortest possible route.” 

-Haruki Murakami. 

Anthony Xiong

Schools of Engineering & Science

"Never settling, but setting every goal high." 

-Nipsey hussle 


In this program, students learn about their culture, language, and history.

Every student deserves a chance at higher education. 

Career Day

We want every student to dream BIG! Our goal is to introduce a new perspective and give the students a chance to meet professionals in all fields.

Get Vaccinated to Protect Yourself from COVID-19!

Now is the time to get vaccinated to protect you and your loved ones from catching COVID. Now those who are 12 years old and older can get vaccinated. 

Tam sim no yog lub caij uas nej yuav tsum mus txhaj tshuaj tiv thaiv tus kab mob COVID no. Txhua tus uas muaj 12 xyoos rov sauv lawd, cov kws kho mob tso cai txhaj lawm. (Click here for Hmoob version)

We are gathering care packets to give out to those in most need, the ones who are homeless. We will also give out sandwiches and a liter of purified water.

COVID Information

(Hmong Version Available)

Learn about COVID-19 and what you can do to help prevent the spread. We have additional literature in Hmong to help more community members understand this pandemic. 

Giving food aid to families that have been affected by COVID-19. Families will receive hand sanitizer and masks in addition to informational packets on COVID and where to get tested and help.

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